Fit For Service

Are you a follower of Christ desiring to give your best in all areas of life? We know that the state of our spiritual life is a vital part of being ready to serve when Christ calls. We're regularly challenged to be financially responsible as it relates to being able and ready to serve, but what about our physical health? What about how we care for our bodies? Often we'll hear the token "your body is a temple" phrase with the unspoken understanding that we should take care our ourselves, but what does that really mean?

In my journey of spiritual growth, I know how impactful improving my overall health has been in my ability to do more, with more energy, and more mental focus while maintaining a status of preparedness for what I may be called to do next. 

I see so many fellow brothers and sisters struggling with their health, most often due to lifestyle choices, rendering them unable to truly give 100% of their potential.  If the state of our soul is of utmost importance, and we need to be faithful stewards of our financial resources, shouldn't we as Christians also be good stewards of the physical resource that is our body? Should we not give our very best to be as healthy as possible, if Christ is to fully live out through us?

Fit For Service is an online portal and community designed with the intent of helping believers to live healthy in order to maximize their ability to serve when Christ calls. Fit For Service means we are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to serve through continuous training, both with movement as well as knowledge. 

Our health is but one aspect of a life given over to Christ. This is where my desire lies in strengthening the body of Christ. If you know you need this to be an area of training, discipline, and focus in your life, then I'd love to have you be part of what is being built here. 

In Fit For Service you'll have access to the following:

1) Nutrition and general lifestyle training through native content as well as linked information I find helpful in our pursuit.

2) Interviews with fellow believers who will share their experiences, knowledge, and tips to help us live healthier. 

3) A movement/exercise library where you can access workout outlines to help you focus on your physical fitness through better strength, endurance, cardiovascular efficiency, and natural energy production. Whether you need beginner level daily movement options, new ways to increase your physical fitness, or higher intensity workouts to push your limits, you can find them here. These workouts can be done at home, on the road, or anywhere else you may have limited space or equipment. 

4) A closed Facebook group just for our community to allow for interaction, support, and encouragement.

Healthier living is a journey and it's one that must be undertaken intentionally with mindfulness and determination. I encourage you to walk this path with us to give yourself the tools and resources to give your best in being your best in the ongoing preparation to be Fit For Service. 



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