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What is Fit For Service?

Fit For Service is a concept geared toward believers in Christ and anyone who wants to be their best in order to give their best when called to serve and meet other's needs.

Through their training portal, members will have access to training resources to help them be physically prepared to give their best when Christ calls. We are helping the Christian community prepare for action anytime and anywhere. 

You'll have access to an exclusive Facebook community and online resource library to help you live healthy so you can be your best to give your best in service to others. Whether you're a believer desiring to serve God, a mom or dad wanting to give your all for your family, or a volunteer desiring to impact your local community, this is your tool kit to be ready to answer the call. 

Membership Training Portal 

A members only online training portal with new content added each month to help you continue your healthy living journey.

Key Areas Of Training:

Spiritually Speaking - Training with a Christ-centered focus on health, fitness, family, and general daily living. 

Motivational & Inspirational Resources - Quotes and other thoughts to help you stay focused and inspired to keep pushing to be your best.

Coaching on 4 Key Areas of Healthier Living - A focus on four primary areas necessary for healthier living with tips on how to implement the knowledge to improve your health. 

Tools & Resources - This is where we help you begin the process of focusing on how to fuel and train your body for success. 

Workout Library - A go-to library of exercise routines to help you change things up with something new or create your own workout program. These workouts are for all fitness levels. 

Our 5-week nutrition based challenge to help you get started, reset when you need it, and build a solid foundation for a healthier lifestyle.

Facebook Community Group

The online interactive community exclusively for members of Fit For Service. The heart behind Fit For Service is that as followers of Christ we should endeavor to be our best so that we can give our best when called to serve. Being our best when serving Christ not only involves our spiritual self, but also our physical self. When we invest in healthier lifestyle habits and are more intentional about caring for our body we ensure that we are able to put forth our best effort for Christ in all things.

Here we'll have live video updates as well as regular Q&A opportunities. 

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