Maximizing Time In The Gym: Big Work + Little Work = Results

exercise fitness workout Jun 26, 2018

When it comes to the physical side of healthy living, there are a lot of people who lack the proper understanding of exactly what a good workout and good overall plan looks like. In general, there is a lack of clarity among gym goers about the basics of what constitutes the right exercise program for them. 

Some people go to the gym and in a basic sense just do random exercises with various machines and equipment. They don't have any real structure and they don't have any particular goal or way they are tracking progress. 

Others see what someone else is doing, think it looks good, and then try to emulate what the other person is doing. Maybe they even see several different people and try to do a mix of things they see without really knowing why or how. 

For anyone, whether a "recreational" fitness enthusiast or a hardcore gym rat, having a goal and a plan are essential to getting the results you want. Not every training style or program is right for every person or...

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