Sometimes You Get It Right: Spinning A Sibling Disagreement Into A Family Discussion Time

I'm not a perfect parent, what about you? I'd like to be, but sometimes I'm just thankful to stay on the board let alone hit the bullseye. Other times I'm so far off I think everyone just needs to duck. 

Sometimes though, you get that moment when things are about to totally derail but you manage to keep it on the tracks, go full steam ahead and turn the situation into a positive. We had one of those moments today when our family was out to breakfast. 

Now before you get the idea that we eat out a lot, we really don't. A majority of the time we're only eating out with the benefit of a gift card because let's face it, feeding a family of 5 is NOT cheap! Even a family meal at Chick-fil-A can easily exceed $30. And no, we don't do MacDonald's, Burger King, etc. Just, no. Thanks though. 

So we hit our local Cracker Barrel before a morning of grocery shopping. All was well as we got to the restaurant, waited for the hostess, got seated at our table, and ordered our water,...

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