The Investment 100% Of People Make Every Day

There is an investment that you and I make every single day.

There is no way to avoid it. We can't stop it.

We can't speed it up and we can't slow it down.

It is an investment that starts with the same value for the wealthiest person as it does for the poorest person.  As each day begins we are all equal in the value of this investment, however it's what we choose to do with this investment that begins to separate one individual from another. 

So what is this investment?

It is TIME!

Every day without fail, each of us is given 24 hours. No more, no less. And each of us invests that time. We trade that time for something of value.  The difference is in how we trade it and what we trade it for. Will we trade it for something of high value with a high return on investment or will we trade it for something of low value that may actually be more of a liability than an asset?

Those around us who seem to enjoy life more fully, find the success we endeavor to achieve, and...

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