Taking Ownership To Lead And Win In Your Life

20-year difference between the time of these photos. I know because I had just gotten married at age 21. The difference between me then and now? Night and day. Getting older doesn't mean you get heavier, more tired, more achy, less energetic, or any of the plethora of other things associated with aging.

Now, I'm not only healthier but I'm happier. I can enjoy life more today than back then. I didn't realize how much my poor health kept me from fully enjoying each day until I changed my habits and started living differently.

It's never "easy". Each day is full of choices. The choice to get up and move intentionally, the choice of when and what to eat or not eat, the choice of what to drink or not drink, the choice of when to go to sleep or stay up, the choice of filling my mind with knowledge so I can continue to grow or the choice of vegging out in front of the t.v. for hours every day. It's only by continuing to be intentional that I can keep moving forward. I have four people who...

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