The “Easter” Story:  More Than Just About Love

When you and I think of the “Easter” story, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, what theme do we see?  What kind of story is it?  What comes into our minds?  Is it the deeply personal prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane?  His triumphal entry into Jerusalem?  Jesus before Pilate and the crowd?  The beating Jesus took, carrying the cross and suffering upon it?  Perhaps it’s the beauty of the empty tomb? 

 The “Easter” story as we so fondly call it is certainly about the love of Christ displayed for us as evidenced in the scenes mentioned above.  For without this great love, not our fallen human love but a love that existed with the Father in eternity past, the work completed on the cross would not have been possible and we would be left with an imperfect way of restoring ourselves to a fellowshipping relationship with our Creator.  We see Christ’s love for us displayed through the entire...

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