Your Past Doesn't Have To Define You: Part 4 - New Horizons and Accepting The Unknown

So far in this series, I've shared how many of us are shaped by our past experiences and how that can define who we are today (Part 1). I've also talked about how we have the power of choice to move on from those experiences to no longer allow them to negatively influence who we are and who we can become (Part 2). In Part 3, I discussed how the concept of our comfort zone is not our friend, at least not if we want something different in our lives and to grow beyond our current limitations. 

IF we grab hold of our desire to create change in our lives and are willing to no longer be held back by the limitations of our comfort zone we are then able to truly begin exploring new and unknown horizons. My choice to put my fears aside (or at least in the background) and experience the Disney College Program was that first true step for me into the new and unknown. Not just surviving that experience, but embracing it in all its challenges put me on a new path. Over those short 4 months,...

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When God Leads You To Something New: 3 Things I'm Learning

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2017

What follows is taken from a brief testimony I was able to share with our church body recently regarding a new journey my family and I have set out on. 

This past July, my family and I took the leap and I entered the self-employment/entrepreneurial world. I'd spent the previous 13 years as a multi-line agent for an insurance company. The pay was good. In fact it was really good, especially in comparison to what the median income in our area is. Most people would say it's crazy to do something like this without first having built up a stable secondary income source. But here's the thing, it wasn't fulfilling and had gotten to the point where waking up each work day was not fun and there was no joyful anticipation of the day ahead. In truth, I'd know for a while that what I was doing wasn't what I wanted to do. And, when you are seeking to follow God's direction He quite often doesn't do things the way people think it should be done. 

Over time, thanks to my own personal...

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Your Past Doesn't Have To Define You: Part 3 - The Comfort Zone Isn't Your Friend

So far in this series, I've shared how many of us are shaped by our past experiences and how that can define who we are today (Part 1). I've also talked about how we have the power of choice to move on from those experiences to no longer allow them to negatively influence who we are and who we can become (Part 2). 

If we accept the truth that we have the power to choose how we will let our past experiences influence us, then it's just a matter of deciding if we will act upon that knowledge and understanding. To not act, to remain where we are, to continue to allow ourselves to be pressed down from rising to our full potential is a choice. If this path is chosen, then what hope can we have to live differently? To not intentionally move forward into something new is a choice to let the past continue defining who you are and what you are capable of. BUT if we accept this truth, though it may be a daunting proposition, we are then free to see what this life has to offer...

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Taking Ownership To Lead And Win In Your Life

20-year difference between the time of these photos. I know because I had just gotten married at age 21. The difference between me then and now? Night and day. Getting older doesn't mean you get heavier, more tired, more achy, less energetic, or any of the plethora of other things associated with aging.

Now, I'm not only healthier but I'm happier. I can enjoy life more today than back then. I didn't realize how much my poor health kept me from fully enjoying each day until I changed my habits and started living differently.

It's never "easy". Each day is full of choices. The choice to get up and move intentionally, the choice of when and what to eat or not eat, the choice of what to drink or not drink, the choice of when to go to sleep or stay up, the choice of filling my mind with knowledge so I can continue to grow or the choice of vegging out in front of the t.v. for hours every day. It's only by continuing to be intentional that I can keep moving forward. I have four people who...

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Your Past Doesn't Have To Define You: Part 2 - Moving On Is A Choice

 In part 1 of this series I talked about how the past can shape us and shared some of my story about how my experience in school negatively impacted me and how I viewed myself because of it. Be sure to go back and read part 1 to more fully understand what I write here. 

So, what if our past doesn't have to define us in the present and into the future? What if the impact of our negative past experiences could be different? What if you and I could change how that experience influences who we are and what we do? Today I address those questions and will share how I got from where I was to where I am. 

No matter who we are, where we come from, how much or little money we have, what we suffered through in the past, there is a truth that applies to each of us. It is this; whether we like it or not we have the power of choice. Now, why would we possibly not like knowing this truth? It's because it means we have to accept that we have a measure of control and with...

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Your Past Doesn't Have To Define You: Part 1 - Shaped By Our Past

Almost all, if not all, of us have had experiences that negatively impacted our lives. For many those experiences, whether they area a single event or a series of occurrences, become defining moments that shape our personality. These experiences may not only play a part in shaping who we are, but sometimes our lives from that point forward become defined by that moment or experience. 

For me, it was really a series of events that last all four years of high school. Stick with me as I set this up and share my experience. Growing up (and still today!) I had great family. My parents were amazing. I had the best grandparents and uncle and aunt. We were close, both geographically and in spending time together. So nothing negative in my life experience stemmed from my upbringing or family life. In my case for whatever reason, somewhere along the way in elementary and middle school I naturally gravitated to being a shy kid, lacking the self confidence to step out into new situations...

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How To Guarantee You Won't Succeed

Depending on what your interests are or where your focus is, you may or may not be aware that there is an extraordinary amount of information out there in the success/personal development arena. There are the big names and legends you've likely heard of such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, and Zig Ziglar as well as plenty of newer but just as powerful individuals like Lewis Howes, Brendon Burchard, and Brene' Brown. You almost can't go wrong with any of the high profile success and personal development leaders of today. They each have their unique view on how to find success and love your life while doing it. You'll get tips, tools, resources, top 10 lists, etc. to use in your journey if you so chose to pursue a new personal challenge. 

Sure, those resources can put you on the path to success. They can guide you through the process to get where you want to go. You'll find out what you need to do, or at least the various options that may work IF you...

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Desiring Fatherhood

family fatherhood Jun 19, 2017

Growing up, I don't know the that I ever gave intentional thought about being a father. The older I got the more it just became an assumption that I'd likely one day get married and have a kid, or two. Thankfully I grew up with a close knit family (I had an uncle and aunt and generations of cousins that lived in the same city) that spent a lot of time together, so it just made sense and felt right to envision having a family of my own one day. 

I assume I'm not the only young man to have felt this way, but there was that time of the teen years where you sometimes struggle with your place in the world, your self-confidence is easily shaken, and perhaps like me you wonder if you'll actually find the right girl with whom to marry, settle down, and have a family. That's a trying time in a young man's life. Fortunately, I trusted the Lord (although shakily at times) through that process and ultimately He brought an amazing woman into my life who appreciated and loved me for...

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Sometimes You Get It Right: Spinning A Sibling Disagreement Into A Family Discussion Time

I'm not a perfect parent, what about you? I'd like to be, but sometimes I'm just thankful to stay on the board let alone hit the bullseye. Other times I'm so far off I think everyone just needs to duck. 

Sometimes though, you get that moment when things are about to totally derail but you manage to keep it on the tracks, go full steam ahead and turn the situation into a positive. We had one of those moments today when our family was out to breakfast. 

Now before you get the idea that we eat out a lot, we really don't. A majority of the time we're only eating out with the benefit of a gift card because let's face it, feeding a family of 5 is NOT cheap! Even a family meal at Chick-fil-A can easily exceed $30. And no, we don't do MacDonald's, Burger King, etc. Just, no. Thanks though. 

So we hit our local Cracker Barrel before a morning of grocery shopping. All was well as we got to the restaurant, waited for the hostess, got seated at our table, and ordered our water,...

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New Wearable = Game Changing Ability To Monitor & Track Health Data

Company - Wor(l)d GN -

The product: Helo LX Health Band
Product launch - March 2017

What is the Helo LX Health Band? 
A wearable device with health, fitness, and biomedical applications that can track, monitors, and trends the biometrics of the wearer AND any family members within the family plan.
Using FLIR technology (infrared) the device can monitor and report (with some degree of variance):
– Blood Pressure
-- Heart Rate
– Sleep Quality
– Emotions
– Fatigue
– Breath rate
– Calories
– Steps
– Also includes SOS “Panic Button”

Features slated for Q4 2017 (same hardware just new software)
-- Blood sugar
-- Blood temperature
-- Blood Alcohol Content
-- Mosquito repellent

The unit works with either an iPhone or Droid. The monitoring is a monthly reoccurring charge from $12- $59 (depending on the number of users on the monitoring plan).

$12 Pro Plan allows you to...

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