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Whether You're Looking To Run Your First 5K or To Improve Your Time At Your Next Marathon, Combining Strength Training With Running Will Maximize Your Performance!

Pick the plan that best suits your needs. Choose from Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced training programs and get ready to take your running to the next level. 

5K Beginner

A 6-week beginner program to help you complete your first 5K!

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5K Intermediate

A 6-week training program to take your 5K performance to the next level!

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Half Marathon Beginner

An 18-week beginner program to help you cross the finish line of your first Half Marathon!

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Half Marathon Intermediate

An 18-week training plan to help you improve your performance and crush your next Half Marathon!

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Marathon Beginner

An 18-Week beginner program to help you cross the finish line of your first Full Marathon!

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Marathon Advanced

An 18-week training plan to help you improve your performance and crush your next Full Marathon!

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Taryn Olmstead

Taryn is an ultra/trail/road runner whose running background began at age 8 when she ran her first race, a 1-miler, with her uncle who was an avid marathon runner. Her journey continued into high school and on through college where she ran cross-country and track.  Now, she runs distances from local 5ks all the way up to ultra-marathons. Currently, her primary focus is on training for longer endurance races where she is perennially a top finisher. When she’s not pounding the pavement or pushing through a grueling trail run, she enjoys hiking with her 5 dogs. Taryn currently holds training certifications from Road Runners of America- Certified Long Distance Running Coach, International Sports Sciences Association- Certified Fitness Trainer. Background with coaching at many different levels include, High School Cross Country, Local Running Groups, One on One coaching for 5k-Marathon Distances. 


Her training experience includes helping runners of all levels, from those looking to run their first 5K to elite performers desiring to gain that extra edge in their performance. Currently, Taryn is a Brand Ambassador for Altra Running, OS1st, and BRL Sports Nutrition.

Jonathan Hathaway

Jonathan is owner of Lifestyle Enhancement Systems, LLC., a lifestyle training business with a focus on healthier living through improving 4 key areas: sleep, hydration, nutrition, and physical movement. He holds a B.S. in Sport Management from Georgia Southern University. As a two-sport athlete in high school, Jonathan found his love for competitive athletics. Although detoured into unhealthy habits in college, his passion for healthier living ignited when he began his journey from a 245lb “see food, eat food” couch potato to a healthy and happy husband and father of 3. Although Jonathan’s first and primary fitness pursuit focused on resistance training, he started running in 2010 and more seriously pursued the sport in 2016 when he completed his “Year of 40” where he successfully finished 40 races of varying distances and styles to celebrate turning 40. Due to their combination of strength, endurance, and running, Jonathan’s favorite runs to participate in are obstacle course races. However, he also enjoys the camaraderie of his local running community found at local 5K, 10K, and half marathon events. He has completed 4 half marathons, multiple 5K and 10K races, and various obstacle course challenges. Jonathan completed his first Spartan Trifecta in 2017. More recently, Jonathan competed in the USA 15K Championship and placed in the top 10% from over 12,000 runners.

Currently, Jonathan holds both a Certificate of Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructor certification from the NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers) as well as being a P90X Certified Instructor.


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