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Lifestyle Assessment Package

It's time to get started on building new, healthier, success-oriented habits that can help you move forward and maximize your potential for success!

Do you struggle with being focused and consistent in one or more areas of your life? Have you told yourself you're going to do something different yet just never quite get around to it? Are you ready to finally commit to making positive changes in your life? Our Lifestyle Assessment Package is a way to review the common areas of life where most people struggle such as overall health, schedule consistency, regular activity, daily nutrition, and goal setting. 

By completing our assessment forms, you'll be taking the first step toward obtaining and following through with making positive lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals. At the end of the day, nothing works unless you do. This is an opportunity for you to start taking control and implementing positive changes in how you intentionally live each day!

The Lifestyle Assessment Package includes the following:
1) Health History Questionnaire & Review
2) Lifestyle Review (Daily Habits/Schedule, Current Activity, Nutrition, Goal Assessment, Life Stressors Assessment)
3) Lifestyle Plan Development
4) 30-minute Lifestyle Plan Recommendation & Review Consultation by Skype or FaceTime