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Training Drills



Circle The Cone

Review this drill below from Upward Sports to see how to train agility at home using simple items you likely have on hand.


2-Cone Drill: Sprint Backpedal

This is a simple drill that can easily be done at home. If you don't have cones, use any two items to mark your start and stop points. Even a couple of sticks or piles of moss can work!


3-Cone / L-Drill

All you need for this drill is 3 simple markers. Cones are preferable, but any items from a small pile of sticks to a pile of moss will do.


360 Speed Tire Taps

Begin with one foot on the ground and the other foot placed on top of the tire or ball. The first option is to remain in place and practice switching the feet with a jump transition. The first progression will be to slowly move laterally around the tire or ball 360 degrees. The next progression will be to perform the movement around the tire or ball as quickly as possible. Practice moving left and right around the tire or ball.


Agility Ladder Plank Walk/Shoulder Taps

4th-6th grade athletes will use the standard plank walk. 7th-8th grade participants will perform the drill adding in a shoulder tap. For this description, we will set up on the right side of the ladder in a standard plank position. Begin on the outside of the ladder. Move the left hand into the first square while simultaneously moving the left leg over a corresponding distance. Next, bring the right hand into the square next to (not across) the left hand while simultaneously moving the right leg over next to the left leg. Repeat this sequence for each square all the way through the ladder. For the shoulder tap, the athlete will simply bring the hand to the opposite shoulder before placing it in the square. Alternating initiating the drill from each side of the ladder.


Lateral Agility


Slalom Weave


Speed Square Hops


40-Yard Sprint

The following 3 videos will provide technique tips for improving speed in the 40-yard sprint. These are from Olympian Michael Johnson.

Start Stance


Drive Phase


Transition Phase



Tire Pull

There are two options for how the athlete can set up for this drill. They can plant both feet into the ground slightly wider than hip width or plant both feet into the ground with a dominant foot forward. In either case, a key form checkpoint is that they are strong and neutral through the spine with their weight more toward the back of their body as a counterbalance to the weight of the tire. We want to avoid a rounded spine or having them lean forward and out over the feet. Once the proper position has been obtained, they can pull the tire toward them with a hand over hand transition or by pulling with both hands until needing to grab further down the rope. Pull the tire all the way to the feet.


Tire Flips

While maintaining a neutral spine position, perform the eccentric (or lowering) portion of a squat motion and bring your hands underneath the edge of the tire until you feel you have a secure placement. The tailbone should be pointing more toward the ground and not out behind you. From the bottom position, press into the ground through the heels and extend the legs while bringing the hips forward and lifting the tire with straight arms. As the tire approaches a vertical position “flip” it forward with your hands, or if necessary rotate your hand position so the fingers face skyward and push the tire over.


Power Bodyweight Squats

Use these progressions of a power bodyweight squat to increase the power of the lower body and hips.


Sandbag Shoulder Carry

For this drill, you can use the same book bag or backpack utilized for the front heavy carry. Just use a weight appropriate set up, but no more than 20-25lbs for the purposes of practicing for the Gridiron Gauntlet. Set up two cones or markers approximately 5 yards apart to begin, gradually increase the distance as appropriate until you reach the distance of 20 yards between markers. Carefully squat to pick up the “sandbag”, bringing it to the shoulder and securing it with one hand on top and the other in front. Walk from one marker to the other and back.


Box Jumps / Step-Ups


Bear Crawl



*For the Gridiron Gauntlet, the burpee only needs to be performed into the plank position. The push-up option is based on each athlete's preference. Perform the option that best suits your current fitness level. Seek to progress until you can effectively complete the full burpee movement.


Farmer's Walk

Begin building your strength and endurance with the Farmer's Walk using simple and inexpensive items. If you have them, you can also carry a pair of dumbbells. As you make progress, add weight to increase the challenge.


Heavy Front Carry

For this drill, you can use an item such as a book bag or backpack filled with books or even canned goods.


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